GOAL: To assist current and past unit members, spouses, and children with post high school educational expenses (tuition, books, certificates, etc...). 


YOUR DONATION: Will go directly to an endowment and distributed amongst qualified and selected applicants.


It is important to provide opportunities to a better is the foundation to that future.


GOAL: To provide special assistance to current unit members and their immediate family during an event in their life where established insurances and other charitable organizations fall short.  The Special Assistance Fund is designed to fill in the legislative and policy gaps of insurance to help get what is needed.

YOUR DONATION: Will be deposited in a separate account and used as required. 


It is important to take care of each other by providing solutions when no answers seem to be forthcoming.




GOAL: To provide financial assistance to support projects that directly relate to paying tribute to unit members that have passed away. 


YOUR DONATION: Will be deposited into a separate account and used as required.


It is important to memorialize our heritage to pay respect, honor those that have come before us, remember what we've done, and educate those on why we are who we are.